Rogger and Betthany Say "I do"

Rogger and Betthany Say "I do"

We want you to enjoy your finery forever, that's why we consciously craft our fashion jewellery from materials that last with thoughtful care. Read on to learn our tips for keeping your jewellery in its best and shiniest condition.

The golden rule

To keep things simple, the easiest way to care for your jewellery is to follow the golden rule: last on, first off. By following this rule, you can avoid:

  • Snagging and tangling jewellery while getting dressed or undressed
  • Discolouring metals from contact with perfumes and cosmetics
  • Catching and damaging jewellery while sleeping


Storing your jewellery

Protect your jewellery when it's not in use by storing pieces separately in a ....


Cleaning your jewellery

Keep your jewels shiny with our polishing cloths....


What to avoid