Meet 7 new moon-inspired pearl jewels

Summer may be over, but your glow doesn't have to be. We're over the moon to introduce a brand new collection of gold filled pearl finery, inspired by the shine of moonbeams, to keep you gleaming all year round.

1. The Maggie Pearl Necklace, $278

A handcrafted Keshi pearl necklace for shining all night (and day).


2. The Maggie Pearl Bracelet, $238

Adorn your wrist with our eye-catching Keshi pearls for unmatched shimmers.

3. The Maggie Pearl Halo Earrings, $108

Get the most heavenly glow with halos of Keshi pearls.

4. The Maisie Pearl Necklace, $198

A dainty pearl strand featuring a moon-like coin pearl for added gleam.

5. The Maisie Pearl Bracelet, $158

With a galaxy of teeny, shimmery potato pearls, you'll be always be gazing at this bracelet.

6. The Lunette Pearl Anklet, $168

A teeny potato pearl strand for when you need to glow from head to toe.

7. The Amaryllis Morganite and Aquamarine Necklace, $328

This sparkly treasure features a mix of pearls and pastel gemstone beads for added gleam.


Never lose your shine. Shop these pearl treasures and other new finery in-store and online now.