Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

It’s almost time to celebrate the wonderful mums (and mother figures) in our lives. To help you find the perfect way to show your appreciation, we’ve curated a list of gifts she’ll be sure to treasure.

The Sentimental Mum

For the mum who cherishes memories and spending time with the ones she loves most. Meaningful jewellery imbued with the symbolism and personalised touches she's sure to adore.

Clockwise from top: The Gold Initial Charm Bracelet ($108)The Toi Et Moi Yellow Gold 0.6ct Cultured Diamond Necklace ($1,990)The Solid Gold Panta Rhei Bracelet ($740)The Solid Gold Diamond Heart Hook Earrings ($558)


The Glam Mum

For the mum who loves to shine and make heads turn wherever she goes. Unique treasures with endless sparkles, the perfect adornments for dressing up.

Clockwise from top: The Fizz Pearl Drop Earrings ($198), The Solid Gold Diamond Speckle Necklace ($998)The Pop Pearl Bracelet ($158)The Juniper 2.4ct Aquamarine Ring ($3,700)


The New Mum

For the mum who is enjoying a brand new love. Beautiful, yet practical, jewels that commemorate new arrivals and keep little hands safe.

Clockwise from top: The Gold Initial Charm Necklace ($128)The Poe Yellow Gold 0.3ct Round Cultured Diamond Earrings ($1,490)The Rory Gold & Pearl Bracelet ($119)The Peach Pink Sapphire Huggie Earrings ($695)


The Classic Mum

For the mum who is timeless and traditional with a love that’s unconditional. Elegant golden keepsakes in styles that stand the test of time.


Clockwise from top: The Eve Yellow Gold 0.3ct Round Cultured Diamond Necklace ($990)The Lorelai Gold & Pearl Drop Earrings ($56)The Gold Theia Bracelet ($99)The Mae Yellow Gold 0.3ct Cultured Diamond Ring ($700)

The Minimalist Mum

For the mum who embraces mindfulness and simplicity. Sleek treasures of diamond and pearl to complement her minimal style.


Clockwise from top: The Poe Yellow Gold 0.3ct Marquise Cultured Diamond Earrings ($1,400)The Solid Gold Diamond Dot Bracelet ($345), The Swirl Pearl Hoop Earrings ($124)The Iluka Solid Gold Ring ($695)


The Practical Mum

For the mum who values functionality and keeps things running smoothly. Sweet, yet understated jewellery, perfect for pairing with any look or style.


Clockwise: The Poe Yellow Gold 0.3ct Emerald Cultured Diamond Earrings ($1,400)The Gold Halcyon Necklace ($119)The Solid Gold Diamond Mini Compass Signet Ring ($499), The Solid Gold Diamond Heart Bracelet ($388) 


The Grandmum

For the mum who holds a special place in the family, the keeper of traditions and bringer of warmth and wisdom. Comfortable and classic keepsakes that shine with a delightful vintage-like charm.

Clockwise from top: The Priya Pearl Earrings ($138), The Amora Pearl Wrap Bracelet ($265), The Violentine Morganite Stud Earrings ($485)The Lorelai Gold & Pearl Bracelet ($129)


However, and whoever, you are celebrating this Mother's Day, we hope it's filled with lots of magic and love. Looking for more gift ideas? Find our full Mother's Day edit here.