The Daisy that stole Demi's heart

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After meeting through friends a little over four years ago, Doug proposed to Demi with the Molten Store ring she had secretly fallen in love with.

“I had been not so subtly hinting at a proposal by creating a slideshow of all the rings I liked,” Demi tells us, “I told him if he chose any ring out of the slideshow I would be happy,”

Of all the rings Demi had shortlisted, there was one in particular that had captured her heart; The Daisy 1.58ct Cognac Diamond Ring. A sweet one-of-a-kind style featuring a dramatic honey-hued cognac diamond and a sparkling floral halo.

But, while musing over the ring on our website one afternoon, Demi discovered it had sold.

“I was devastated and realised that was my favourite ring.

“I told Doug not to buy any others on the list and that we had to have one made that looked identical.

“He apologised profusely,” she says.

Little did Demi know, Doug had planned a very romantic Christmas gift. As the pair opened their presents early, Demi unboxed a coffee cup and waiting inside was The Daisy 1.58ct Cognac Diamond Ring she had fallen for.

“It was the most amazing surprise.

“I never told him which one was my favourite out of the list, so either he knows me well or he got lucky,” Demi says.

While reflecting on her discovery of The Daisy, Demi recalls her fascination with its unique features, a feeling she says is shared by the couple’s friends and family.

“I loved this ring because it didn’t look like anything I had seen before,” she says, “The darker diamonds aren’t that easy to find in jewellers,”

Now that Demi has found her perfect match (in both Doug, and The Daisy), we asked if she had any advice for the lovers who are just starting out on their engagement ring journey.

“I would say choose a ring you would be happy to wear forever,”

If you’re ready to pick your own perfect Daisy, visit us in-store to explore our extensive collection of alternative engagement rings, each one-of-a-kind to tell your unique story.