The gifting begins

We're heralding in the festive season with a celebration filled with exclusive offers, gifts and delicious treats. Join us on Saturday 9th December from 9:30am at our James Street Boutique to take part in the festivities and check off a name or few from your gifting list.


What's in store?

As expert gifters, we thought we'd show you how to maximise the magic of your holiday shopping.

To start, take a wander about our Milestone finery; with 15% off, it's the perfect time to treat those on your list - or yourself - to something extra special.


Next, we've partnered with our favourite local gluten-free bakery, Nodo, to gift you a freshly baked donut to delight in while you shop.

Then, with a satiated sweet tooth and your gifting list complete, take home a gloriously whimsical print from Italian-Australian artist Elena Téa of Studio Sogni.

Inspired by our signature Magique fragrance, this print enamours with its warm hues and sweet flourishes.

Simply be one of the first 30 customers to make a purchase over $250, and this darling A3 limited-edition print is yours (or someone on your list's, perhaps?).


Meet the Artist: Elena Téa

We had the pleasure of interviewing Elena Téa, the talented Italian-Australian artist behind the print, to learn more about her inspiration and creative process.

What inspires your art? 
My art is inspired by an exploration of nostalgia, culture and family history. After losing my mum when I was 13, I find so much comfort in creating art that reminds me of our summers spent together in Italy, and of my life as an Italian-Australian. My style is playful and simplistic - not unlike the fineline pen doodles I made when I was young. I find that everyone can connect and relate to it, and it's the most fun for me to create!
Can you describe your creative process and how it has evolved over time? 
My creative process always starts with a dream. Born out of lockdown, Studio Sogni began as a place of escape, where I aimed to turn my bedroom or living room to a little slice of Italy through my art. My creative process is so intertwined with the small parts of my everyday life, whether it be doodling in my journal at a cafe, or making myself a cup of tea before bed. Still, 4 years on, my work aims to highlight life's small beauties, and each piece always begins and ends with a daydream.
As a creator, what role does collaboration play in your work? 
Collaboration is an essential tool that is constantly helping me to grow and learn. It is endlessly inspiring and uplifting to bounce ideas off other creatives, and create beautiful things you could have never even dreamt of on your own.
What can you tell us about this print? 
This print was completely inspired by the magical haven that is Molten Store. I was so taken by Molten Store's rich and beautiful colour palette, ethereal jewellery and uplifting branding. Once I discovered their signature fragrance, 'Magique', the idea for the print fell into place. The print says: 'Tu es Magique', meaning 'You are Magic' in French. I wanted this fun and whimsical piece to act as a reminder that you are magic, this life is magic, and the beautiful community that Molten Store has created is magical.
Be sure not to miss this oh-so delightful day at our James Street boutique. We can't wait to see you there!