Valentine's Day giveaway: win a pair of cultured diamonds

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we’d like to make yours extra special.

You could win a pair of stunning cultured diamond earrings valued at $1,490 to celebrate Valentine's Day.

To automatically enter the draw, simply shop with us in-store or online between January 28th and February 14th 2023, and sign up to our mailing list at checkout.

What you’ll win

The Poe Yellow Gold 0.6ct Round Cultured Diamond Earrings are crafted with 10ct solid gold and two sparkling 0.3ct round brilliant cut cultured diamonds. A timeless, classic accessory that makes for the perfect gift to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Cultured diamonds are the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality, ethically-sourced alternative to traditional diamonds.

Haven't heard of cultured diamonds? You're not alone. Unlike their mined counterpart cultured diamonds, also known as lab-grown diamonds, are (as the name suggests) created in a lab environment.

While created in a lab environment, cultured diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, meaning they’re just as shiny and beautiful. In fact, it would take a trained professional to distinguish a lab grown diamond from an earth-mined diamond, and they would need a microscope to do so.

We love cultured diamonds for their sparkle, but we love them even more for their affordability. A lower cost means you can opt for a larger size (or, just more jewellery) - thank us later.

The perfect gift

Whether you’re hoping to treat your significant other, a friend, or even yourself, don’t miss out on the chance to make The Poe Yellow Gold 0.6ct Round Cultured Diamond Earrings yours.

Sold on all the shiny benefits of cultured diamonds? The only thing better than a more affordable diamond is a free diamond (in a pair, for that matter). Shop now to enter the draw. Good luck!