How it works

We believe there’s enough gold to go around. 

“Circularity scheme name” is our program devoted to recycling existing gold & offering you a new way to pay.

Give us your old, unwanted gold jewellery and we’ll give you store credit to spend.

We’ll take that old gold, melt it down and use the recycled materials to produce something shiny and new!

Win, win.

What we want

We want you to bring us your old, unwanted, broken solid gold jewellery
so we can melt it down & use it as materials to produce our new jewellery.

Specifically, we’re looking for:

Solid gold jewellery
Solid white gold jewellery
Solid rose gold jewellery 

Your gold jewellery must have one or more of the six outlined hallmarks:
8ct 9ct 10ct 14ct 18ct 24ct

What we don’t want

Any metals other than solid gold. 

Jewellery without one of the six outlined hallmarks.
Gold plated jewellery
Molten Store jewellery