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Give some, get some

Swap your old solid gold jewellery for Molten Store credit. You'll get 100% of the value of your gold - yours to spend in store, online, or at our Annex.

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Break up with your old jewellery

By swapping your unwanted gold jewellery for Molten Store credit, you're helping us close the loop on our jewellery production.
New finery for you, less reliance on newly-mined materials for us. It's a win, win.

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What you get

We will credit you 100% of the value of your gold according to the live gold price.

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What we accept

We accept all solid gold jewellery with any of the hallmarks listed in our guide.
If your jewellery is broken, tangled, or just unwanted, we'll happily gift you credit and send your gold off
on a new adventure; on to our refinery, where we'll melt it down for use in the production of new jewellery. 


 Where we do it


Visit our boutique

Bring your old gold jewellery in store to swap for credit on the spot.


Mail it to us

We'll happily receive your old gold jewellery via mail.

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 How to shop with Gilt Free credit

It’s a new way to pay for your finery.


 What we do with your gold

Your trash is our treasure.

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