Gilt Free FAQs

What is Gilt Free?

It's a new way to pay for Molten Store finery. Bring us your unwanted solid gold jewellery and we'll credit you for 100% of the gold value.

How can I use my credit?

We'll apply your Molten Store credit directly to your customer account, so you can shop with us in store or online. We also supply you with a receipt of your gold trade via email and also in person if you visit us in store to swap.

Can I swap anything gold for store credit?

You can give any solid gold items that are marked with one of the hallmarks in our guide.

What don’t you take?

We do not take any items purchased at Molten Store, any silver items, any watches or any gold-plated jewellery items.

Why can’t you credit me for gemstones?

We try to extract diamonds and gemstones from all pieces brought in via Gilt Free, but extracting small diamonds or gems is delicate, intensive work and quite costly.
We cannot guarantee that the gemstone is salvageable, so are not able to credit for them. If you decide to bring us items that have gemstones included, we will credit you for the total weight of your item as if your item were made of solid gold.

What if I want my jewellery back?

We are unable to give your items back to you once a swap transaction has taken place, so please do not bring us any sentimental items.

What do you do with the gold collected via Gilt Free?

Your trash is our treasure! 100% of the old gold jewellery collected via our Gilt Free initiative is used in the production of our new jewellery - we won't sell any of your items on in their current form. 

Once you've swapped your items for Molten Store credit, we send them on to our refinery where they are melted down for use in our new designs.

Sounds Amazing. How do I swap?

You can bring your unwanted gold items to swap with us in store or mail them to us in the post.

Still have questions?

If at any time you have any questions regarding Gilt Free, we’re here to help.

Email us via

Or phone us on (07) 3252 9850

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