Jewellery Care


External factors can affect the condition and life time of your jewellery, so here are our recomendations for preserving the beauty and quality of your Molten Store finery.






Ideally, jewellery should be stored in cool & dry places as humidity can affect the condition of brass and precious metals. We suggest that after each wear, keep them in their boxes or silk pouches we parcel them in for you - to keep them out of exposed light, avoid scratches or tangling with your other pieces at home. For this reason we also suggest taking off your pieces before bedtime to avoid any kind of snags or breakages. 



Chemical substances can affect jewellery metals, therefore perfumes, skin or body care and cleaning products can react with metals & decrease the life time of our goodies. For this reason, we also suggest taking off your jewellery in the shower, or while swimming. This is because we cannot guarantee that the products used whle showering, the chemicals in pools, or the ocean water won't cause a breakdown of plating.


Skin acidity can cause possible discolouration. Wearing jewellery whilst exercising is strongly discouraged, as perspiration directly exposes metals to PH acids and humidity. 








‚ÄčTo keep your gold filled jewellery in it's best condition, we suggest ensuring it is not placed or worn in highly humid conditions (i.e on your bathroom sink or whilst exercising). For extra care, we also suggest very gently wiping it down after wear, removing any oils or products from the day's wear. 





Sterling silver will oxidise naturally over time. As long as it is looked after this can be corrected using a silver polishing cloth - returning brightness & lustre. You can purchase these from standard jewellers, as well as many piercing outlets. 





We offer a variation of jewellery that is sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold plated onto brass, sterling silver or rhodium depending on the style.


The best way to clean your plated jewellery is to wipe down with a soft cloth ( avoid tissue or anything with a surface that could scratch your jewellery). Unlike solid sterling silver, we do not encourage rubbing with a polishing cloth - as this can actually wear out your precious metal plating. 





Our crystal styles are created from glass gems, which allows them to be a comfortable and light wear over a long period of time. Their structure is forged with plated brass and surgical steel posts that are lead and nickel free. 


To keep your crystal styles in their best condition, we recommend wiping them down after wear with a soft lint free cloth. Baby wipes are a good option as they are light and non-abrasive. For this reason we also strongly discourage rubbing the crystal elements down (as you would with sterling silver jewellery),  as this can cause the glass surface to become scratched. 



Please email us at with your query. From here we will proceed to lodge an assessment of your goodies for you.