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Bangkok, Thailand



How we found it

Finding the right manufacturing partner is a long process, and our experience was no exception.

For us, this was particularly tricky as we were looking for a partner that would be willing to manufacture using our own recycled precious metals. Studios work with efficiency in mind, and we were essentially asking them to reinvent their processes (from the importing stage to final production). We needed to find a like-minded studio who supported our commitment to using recycled metal.

We were also determined to find a studio that demonstrated a strong commitment to upholding a safe and fair work environment for jewellers. The studio we work with is a small business just like us. This has created a wonderful synergy between our their business and ours; we work within each other’s limitations and support each other’s ambitions.

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How it operates

After our metal has been collected and refined, and our gemstones have been extracted from vintage jewellery and have been sorted into their corresponding size, we parcel up our raw materials in Brisbane and send them off for production in Bangkok.

While our design ideas are lead by our product team here in Brisbane, over 15 qualified jewellers collaborate on the creation of our jewellery in Bangkok, often workshopping new ideas to improve the aesthetic and functionality of our products (credit where it’s due, right?)

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About the owner

The studio’s owner Martin, an expert jeweller, trained as a goldsmith in Holland and worked in jewellery production in Europe and Asia before opening his own studio in Thailand in 2010.  
Day to day, you’ll find him working alongside his team of skilful craftspeople in the studio space.
We seem to be collaborating in good company; alongside Molten Store, Martin counts Thailand’s royal family as clients.

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