Realise your dream
finery in three steps.


Select from an array of archival gemstones, sourced from collectors & reclaimed from vintage rings.


Choose from four ring settings, thoughtfully designed to highlight the beauty of your selected gemstone.


Your choice of gemstone
& setting, encircled with gleaming recycled white, yellow,
rose gold or platinum.

Like a paint-by-numbers for your fingertips.

Our Gemstone Families

We've found the shiniest gemstones just for you! Once you select your gemstone, this will become the focal piece of your new work of art.
Non slip surface
A whimsical pastel dream varying in colour from a light wash of pink to a rich rose.
Rose Cut Sapphires
Favoured by royalty for their beauty & durability with a style cut resembling a rose bud.
Salt & Pepper Diamonds
From white, to grey, to black. Fall in love with their speckled galaxy semblance.
Spinel's flawless & sparkling appearance is bewitching & offers a large spectrum of hues.

Our Ring Settings

Intentionally designed, we've skillfully crafted each ring setting to highlight the beauty of your selected gemstone.
Non slip surface
A classic! Comprised of a single gemstone, sparkling solo in a sleek setting.
A half eternity band of diamonds that gives the appearance of a solid diamond surface.
Featuring two side diamonds selected to accentuate the brilliance of your gemstone.
Rose Cut Solitaire
A second solitaire crafted especially for rose cut gemstones. Timeless!

We're on a mission to connect you with your dream jewellery.

In 2017, we redesigned our supply chain from the ground up. 

We phased out all of our costume jewellery & began sourcing the finest, shiniest vintage pieces. 

We've sent hundreds of pieces to new homes as symbols of engagement, totems of celebration & congratulations - what a joy it is that our vintage finds live on as milestones for you. 

Over the past eighteen months, we've proudly sourced & refurbished an endless array of vintage rings. 

Occasionally, a piece may be past the point of restoration - but the stone itself can be reclaimed. Here we carefully extract the diamond or gemstone & catalogue it within our gemstone archive. 

Along the way we connected with the occasional gemstone fanatic & acquired swathes of contemporary gemstones that just aren't found in vintage pieces. 

Good things take time, & we've been waiting for our collection to grow large enough to do something really special - that moment has arrived. 

Our collection of archival gemstones has been under lock & key, until now & we're inviting you to give these stones a new life. 

Your ring, your way.

We've designed a debut swathe of ring designs that perfectly compliment the unique cuts of our archival gemstones. 

Realise your dream finery in three steps. Fall in love with a focal gemstone, choose your preferred ring setting & select platinum or your shade of recycled gold. 

Congratulations - you've just commissioned a work of art. Yours to take home within eight weeks.