Our dreamiest day of the month is almost here.

Coming soon: a heavenly array of vintage engagement rings, landing November 21st. 

Think ocean-blue sapphires, emerald-cut stones, the glamour of old-world diamonds, and more. 

We know we say this every month, but this edit is our best yet.

In the mood for a sneak peek? Us too.

Here's what's landing on Saturday.

The Arabella Vintage Diamond Ring
A stunning centre round brilliant cut diamond, encircled by a halo of ten bead set diamonds - a breathtaking floral beauty!

Floral motifs were popular in the Georgian era (1714 - 1837), when women were starting to commission their own jewellery pieces instead of relying on the menfolk in their life to do the choosing. 
The Beatrice Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Ring
A three-stone wonder with a moody oval cut Australian sapphire taking centre stage, shouldered either side with two round brilliant cut diamonds. 

Australian sapphires have only featured in jewellery over the past 150 years, having been discovered in the early 1850's in Queensland and New South Wales.
The Cadence Vintage Diamond Ring
The classic 'five stone' ring style is imbued with hidden meaning. 

According to vintage jewellery lore (it's a thing), each diamond is said to represent the five qualities of a good relationship - love, commitment, trust, communication and empathy. It's also a favourite fifth year wedding anniversary present.
The Chelsea Vintage Diamond Ring
That vintage diamond shine! Restored here in our Brisbane studio, a brilliant centre diamond dazzles, encircled with18ct yellow gold. 

A timeless style awash in sustainable shine, it's the perfect engagement ring for your loved one (or an excellent self-gift, if we do say so ourselves).

The Daphne Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Ring 
The Daphne vintage ring features an Australian sapphire with bright, twinkling diamond petals. 

Sapphire has always been a beloved gemstone due to its durability and intriguing array of colours. 
The Greta Vintage Diamond Ring 
The Greta vintage ring features an intricate, Edwardian-like basket housing a twinkling diamond. 

Named for Greta Gerwig, the American filmmaker behind Lady Bird and the newest adaptation of Little Women, who - as the pop culture legend goes - felt so deeply about obtaining the rights to Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River' for Lady Bird that she penned him a heartfelt letter detailing what the song had meant to her as a teenager. Same. 
The Hayden Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Ring 
A sapphire lover's dream! The Hayden vintage ring features an Australian sapphire with bright, twinkling diamonds. 

As one of the most durable gemstones with a hardness of nine on Mohs’ scale, sapphires are ideal for everyday wear (good for making them perfect as an engagement ring.
The Imogen Vintage Spinel & Diamond Ring
The Imogen Vintage Ring sparkles with a cushion cut grey spinel. Spinel is a singly refractive gemstone, so they evenly refract light outward - hence their undeniable sparkle.   

The Kit Vintage Diamond Ring
The Kit vintage ring features an brilliant star-set centre diamond, set into a modified signet face. 

Star-setting, named as such for distinct 'points' used to set the gemstone in place, was extremely popular from  the late Victorian era through to the early 1900's.
The Nina Vintage Diamond Ring  
Here, The Nina Vintage Diamond Ring, awash in the glow of history. 

A vintage solitaire engagement ring is an homage to the wisdom of the past, the joy of the present and the enchanting mystery of the future. The perfect ring for a modern love story. 
The Vera Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Another Australian sapphire, all aglow! The Vera vintage ring features an emerald cut Australian sapphire. 

Emerald cut gemstones have long, lean facets which produce mesmerising flashes of light, highlighting the beauty of your sapphire in the best possible way.
Create Your Own Ring With Archival Gemstones
A new edit of salt and pepper diamonds, rose cut sapphires, spinels & morganites have just landed to create your own ring at our November Trunk Show! Choose your gemstone, your setting & your choice of recycled gold or platinum.

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