Shop for new finery without spending a dime by swapping your unloved jewellery for store credit.

A swap worth its
weight in gold.

We store store credit for 100% of your jewellery's material value.

First, we look closely at your jewellery's hallmark to determine the purity of your item's gold (ie: 9ct, 18ct, etc).

Next, we pop each piece on a set of scales to determine its physical weight in grams.

From here, we multiply your item's physical weight by its gold price per gram.

Here, a glimpse at the current gold price per gram in real time:

Gold Carat
Per Gram

Ready to swap?

Mail us your jewellery

Send your swappable jewellery to us & we'll contact you once we've received it to confirm its value.

You can choose to decline & we'll return your jewellery for free, or swap it for 100% of its value in store credit.

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Visit us in store

Bring your swappable jewellery in store any time during business hours - no appointment is necessary.

We'll assess it on the spot & confirm its value. If you decide to swap, we'll add your store credit to your customer account immediately for you to use whenever you please.

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