Shop for new finery without spending a dime by swapping your unloved jewellery for store credit.

Swap what you don't love for what you do.

Swap your unwanted gold jewellery for store credit & go home with something you truly love.

How does it work?
First, we look closely at your jewellery's hallmark to determine the purity of your item's gold.

Next, we pop each piece on a set of scales to determine its physical weight in grams.

From here, we determine your item's value in store credit & offer you the swap.

Here, a glimpse at the current gold price per gram in real time:

Gold Carat
Per Gram

Ready to swap?

Mail us your jewellery

Send your swappable jewellery to us & we'll contact you once we've received it to confirm its value.

You can choose to decline & we'll return your jewellery for free, or swap it store credit.

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Visit us in store

Bring your swappable jewellery in store any time during business hours - no appointment is necessary.

We'll assess it on the spot & confirm its value. If you decide to swap, we'll add your store credit to your customer account immediately for you to use whenever you please.

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