The Diana Vintage Diamond Earrings

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The Diana vintage earrings feature eighteen diamonds per stud, glistening unapologetically. 

  • Stud drop earrings
  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Drop measures approx. 14mm long
  • Total diamond weight approx. 0.2ct per stud
  • Features two round brilliant cut, inset diamonds (2mm each)
  • Features sixteen round brilliant cut, bead set diamonds (1.2mm each)

Diamond - the April birthstone - was first known to originate from India, where they were gathered from the country’s rivers and streams. It’s thought this stunning gem was traded as early as the fourth century BCE.

Years later Indian merchandise - including diamonds - were brought to the medieval Venetian markets. By the 1400’s, diamonds were the preferred accessory of Europe’s royalty and elite.