Caring for your fashion jewellery: A beginner's guide

We want you to enjoy your finery for as long as possible, that's why we consciously craft our fashion jewellery from materials that last when worn with care. To help you keep your fashion jewellery in its best and shiniest condition, we’ve curated our best jewellery care tips.

The golden rule

To keep things simple, the easiest way to care for your jewellery (whether it's fashion or fine) is to follow the golden rule of last on, first off.

This means your jewellery should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at the end of the day. By following this rule, you can avoid:

  • Snagging and tangling jewellery while getting dressed or undressed
  • Discolouring metals from contact with perfumes and cosmetics
  • Catching and damaging jewellery while sleeping

Storing your jewellery

Protect your jewellery when it's not in use by storing pieces separately and organised by metal in a jewellery box. It is crucial to ensure pieces are separated to avoid tarnish from metals being in contact with each other. 

Keeping your jewellery in a space with low humidity and minimal direct sunlight is also ideal to slow the tarnishing process and avoid discolouration.

Cleaning your jewellery

Cleaning jewellery is not a one-size-fits-all process, so it's important to understand the different ways to care for your various types of jewellery.

Gold filled

Gold filled jewellery is best cleaned with a soft cotton cloth. Typical jewellery cleaning chemicals are too abrasive for gold filled jewellery, so we recommend using a little bit of warm water and our soft cleaning cloth to make your fashion jewellery shine.


For regular maintenance of your sterling silver jewellery, dust and remove debris with our soft cleaning cloth. To remove tarnish, we recommend using our soft cloth in conjunction with a silver polish.


Never submerge your pearls in water. When pearls absorb water, fermentation can occur within them, which in turn leads to discolouration and dulling. We recommend using our soft cleaning cloth to wipe away any debris and restore shine to your pearl jewellery.


Clean and polish your opals monthly with a small amount of warm water and our soft polishing cloth.

Wearing your jewellery

To keep your fashion jewellery in its best condition, we suggest to not wear your jewellery when enjoying the following activities.

Applying cosmetics

Take a moment to let your cosmetics, perfumes and hair products settle before donning your jewellery, as the chemicals they contain may tarnish your gold filled pieces.


By sleeping in your jewellery, you risk tangling and breaking your pieces. That's why it's so important to stick to the golden rule of last on, first off and remove all of your finery before heading to bed.


Be sure to remove your jewellery before working out. Delicate pieces may snag on equipment and your gold filled jewellery may become dull when exposed to sweat.


It's important to remove your jewellery before you hit the beach or pool. Salt or chlorinated water can damage your gold filled jewellery and dull its shine.

No matter how prepared you are to care for your jewellery, we know that life happens. If your fashion jewellery becomes damaged, be sure to visit us in-store for a repair to keep it looking shiny and new. Enquire about our services here.