Kat's bespoke ring, from inspiration to creation

Meet Kat, our James Street Boutique Manager and all-around human sunbeam. Having guided countless people on their bespoke jewellery journeys, Kat had a clear vision when it came to designing a forever piece of her own.

What inspired your bespoke ring?

With her eyes set on The Bellerose, a beloved Molten Store piece, Kat opted to reimagine the ring to better suit her collection.
"I wanted to create a bespoke ring for myself that added to my collection of darker gemstone rings that I wear daily. I had always loved the Bellerose ring setting," she mused, "but, being drawn towards darker stones, I wanted to customise this cluster setting to just feel a little bit more 'me'."

The Bellerose ring setting

The sweetest, stackable treasure, The Bellerose Ring has long been adored by gift-givers and self-treaters for its posy-like cluster of sapphire, morganite and tourmaline, each with their own distinct pink hue.

Though the blushing hues of The Bellerose didn't speak to Kat, the unique three-stone setting did, making the ring the perfect starting point for bringing her finery vision to life.
With a new palette in mind, Kat set out to make The Bellerose her own by choosing to have the ring set with round and princess cut diamonds and a pear cut tourmaline.

Despite keeping the original shapes of the Bellerose's gemstones, Kat's creation took on a whole new look with its moody hues of black, champagne and forest green.

Meet Kat's take on the Bellerose ring

What drew you to your stone choices?

In customising her ring, Kat took the opportunity to choose gemstones that truly spoke to her as a finery enthusiast, leaning on her jewellery expertise (and heart) to carefully make her selection.
"I gravitated towards diamonds for their durability and lustre," she explained, "and simply put, green tourmalines have always had my heart."

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in crafting their own bespoke jewellery piece?

"Come prepared with ideas and references that resonate with you," she advises, "but remain open-minded to alternative suggestions recommended by the team member that is leading your one-on-one consultation and guiding you through the process. I knew that I wanted a specific colour of tourmaline, so I had a colour reference ready."
By striking a balance between vision and receptivity, finery experts and novices alike can ensure that their bespoke creations are both deeply personal and expertly crafted.

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