Guide to diamond cuts

Our signature bespoke ring settings are available in a variety of diamond cuts. By customising the cut of a diamond, our ring styles are brought to life in diverse ways to perfectly match your taste and style. Read on to discover our seven cut options, then find your dream ring.

Round cut

The unmatched favourite in engagement ring diamonds, the round cut is a timeless choice. Featuring a symmetrical circular face and 58 facets, the round cut sparkles with impeccable brilliance and fire.

Why choose a round-cut diamond?

They are ideal for hiding inclusions, meaning you can balance your budget by opting for a lower clarity grade and increasing on size

They reflect the most light so your diamond will have more sparkle than other cuts

Their rounded edge minimises the risk of your diamond chipping

Oval cut

The well-loved choice for couples of today, the oval cut is classic and elegant. The oval cut features a long, rounded shape with 58 facets for impressive brilliance and fire. 

Why choose an oval cut diamond?

They have an elongated shape and require less depth than other cuts, meaning your diamond will appear larger for less

Their high brilliance is ideal for hiding inclusions

Their round shape is more optimal for everyday wear than cuts with corners or points

Pear cut

An eye-catching choice for those seeking a unique style for their engagement ring. The pear cut is an asymmetrical cut with 58 facets, blending a smooth, rounded edge with a tapered point for an intriguing look. 

Why choose a pear cut diamond?

The pear cut shows a greater surface area than other cuts of the same carat weight, so will appear larger

The pointed asymmetrical shape has a slimming and elongating effect on the wearer’s finger

The cut’s differently shaped ends give the wearer styling versatility, bestowing one ring with two different looks

Marquise cut

An elegant cut favoured by those looking for a ring with a difference. The marquise cut is sleek and elegant with an elongated shape that features two tapered point ends and 58 facets. 

Why choose a marquise cut diamond?

The shallow cut and long, narrow shape of the marquise cut gives the illusion of a larger diamond than those with comparative carat weights

The pointed ends of the cut give a diamond a unique and dramatic look

Their slender shape has a slimming and elongating effect on the wearer’s fingers

Radiant cut

A modern diamond cut that blends contemporary sleekness with classic appeal. The radiant cut is a squared shape with flat corners, featuring a mix of step and brilliant facet cuts.

Why choose a radiant cut diamond?

Their flattened corners give a diamond more durability, ideal for everyday wear

Their brilliance is greater than that of alternative rectangular cuts

The depth of the radiant cut is ideal for hiding inclusions

Cushion cut

This cut combines rounded and straight edges to give its squared shape a softer appearance. The cushion cut features 58 facets that are larger than usual, giving a diamond more fire.

Why choose a cushion cut diamond?

Their wide table (top) is ideal for showcasing diamond clarity

The rounded corners offer a diamond better protection against chipping

Their large facets often give a diamond more fire than other cuts

Princess cut

The princess cut is second in popularity to the round cut. A timeless, striking cut that features a squared shape with pointed corners and 50-58 brilliant cut facets. 

Why choose a princess cut diamond?

Their high brilliance is ideal for concealing colour and inclusions, meaning you can make a more affordable purchase with a diamond that has a lower clarity and colour grading

Their wide table makes a diamond appear larger than alternatively cut stones of the same weight

The squared shape and pointed corners offer a sleek, modern look compared to softer rounded cuts