Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about Gold Swap? Discover how we turn your unwanted gold into Molten Store credit below.

Gold Swap process

What is Gold Swap?

Gold Swap is our very own gold recycling service that allows you to swap your unwanted solid gold jewellery for Molten Store credit. You'll receive 100% of your gold’s value in store credit, yours to spend on any in-store or online purchases.

What can I swap?

We accept solid gold jewellery (yellow, white or rose gold) in any condition. We are unable to accept silver, gold filled, gold plated or gold vermeil jewellery.

When will I get my jewellery testing results?

You can expect to receive your gold testing results within a matter of days, depending on the number of submission in our testing queue. For your peace of mind, we'll keep you updated via email as your submission progresses through each step of the process.

What happens once I accept my swap?

Once you've accepted your swap offer, we'll issue you Molten Store credit so you can start shopping. You can spend your credit with us in-store and online on any purchases over the next three years.

What if I don't want to accept the swap?

Our swap offers are obligation-free, so you can simply decline your offer via email. Upon declining, your jewellery will be returned to our boutiques for you to collect it.

What happens if I change my mind after a swap?

Once you have accepted your swap offer, we send your gold to our recycling facility, which means it can't be recovered. Please be sure you want to recycle your gold before accepting!

What if I change my mind after declining a swap?

You are more than welcome to resubmit your jewellery for testing after you've declined, it will just be treated as a new submission.

In-store swap

How can I swap my gold in-store?

Pop into any of our boutiques with your gold jewellery and check it in with our team who will securely transfer it to our gold-testing lab. We'll then send you updates and your obligation-free swap offer via email.

Do I have to book a time to check-in my jewellery?

Bookings aren't required for an in-store Gold Swap; simply walk into one of our boutiques at any time and check in your gold for testing with our friendly team.

ID Verification

What do I need to complete my ID verification?

Upon accepting your swap, you'll be prompted to complete an ID verification. To complete your ID verification, you'll need a valid photo ID such as a driver licence or passport, and a smartphone.

What happens after I complete my ID verification?

Once your ID has been verified, we'll send you an email to confirm the verification. After this, we'll issue you your store credit in roughly one business day.

Why do I need to verfiy my ID?

Citing your ID is a requirement of our Second Hand Dealer's license, and helps us ensure we are only purchasing jewellery from the person that actually owns it.

Gold Swap credit

Where can I use my Gold Swap credit?

Your Gold Swap credit is redeemable at all Molten Store boutiques and the Molten Store website.

Gold testing

How can I tell if my jewellery is gold?

A quick way to check if your jewellery is solid gold is to look for a hallmark (small stamp) that indicates the gold's purity.

What if my jewellery has gemstones?

If your submission contains precious gemstones, we won't add or deduct credit from your offer. Usually, the chance of a gemstone breaking upon extraction is very high, so they will be recycled alongside your gold.

On occasion we may offer a higher price for jewellery containing precious gemstones that are able to be extracted.

What if my jewellery isn't gold?

If our testing discovers some of your jewellery doesn't contain solid gold, this will be reflected in your offer, and we'll recycle these pieces if you accept. If your submission doesn't contain any solid gold at all, you won't receive an offer, but we can recycle the submission or return it to you.

Does gold testing damage my jewellery?

Nope! Your gold is safely tested with a specialised, non-destructive assay (X-ray) machine that determines its purity.


How do you recycle the gold that I swap?

The gold we receive through Gold Swap is melted down and reused in the production of our new jewellery.

What is a circular gold supply chain?

A circular supply chain involves reusing and recycling exisiting materials for the production of new goods. By making the supply chain of gold circular, we can collectively eliminate the need for gold mining.

Why is gold mining harmful to the environment?

Gold mining involves extracting gold from ore which generates a significant amount of waste rock and tailings. This often leads to soil and water contamination and acid mine drainage. Additionally, gold mining operations can lead to deforestation and destruction of habitats, as well as the displacement of local communities.

How do you measure the mining waste saved from Gold Swap?

In 2014, The Smithsonian Institute determined that recycling a single gold ring can prevent the production of 20 tonnes of mining waste. Based on this research, we created a formula to calculate the amount of mining waste saved through Gold Swap.

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