How To Shop For Sustainable Jewellery

One-of-a-kind finery, imbued with history, mystery, and shine? Sign us up! Our vintage jewellery is refurbished with great care; we assess each piece and give it the TLC it needs to sparkle anew. We re-plate any shine that’s worn away, replacing any lost diamonds with recycled stones from our vintage gemstone archive. We’ll also take the time to attend to any structural issues that may interfere with the longevity of the piece. Your vintage jewellery has already stood the test of time, and we want to make sure it endures well into the future.

New finds, old souls

Owning a piece of vintage jewellery is akin to owning a piece of history. Each piece may have its own story to tell, but it’s what each and every piece has in common that makes our hearts flutter the most. Every piece of vintage jewellery that is refurbished to wear again represents a piece of jewellery we don’t have to manufacture new; meaning less demand for newly-mined materials and a reduction in the carbon output associated with gemstone and precious metals mining activity. Plus, every time you wear a vintage ring or necklace, you’re reducing the original carbon footprint of the piece itself. Look at you, sparkling responsibly!

Opt for recycled shine

As hard as we try to give new life to old jewellery, some vintage pieces are beyond the point of restoration. Here, we carefully extract any diamonds & smelt the gold for use in the production of our new jewellery. To certify the finery’s gold purity and to show our commitment to creating sustainable jewellery, all of our pieces that have been crafted with recycled materials have been embossed with our signature hallmarks.
Each & every diamond in our demi-fine collection is recycled & sourced here in Australia. By choosing to manufacture exclusively with recycled stones, we minimise our impact on people and the planet. Mining for materials is so last century. We're closing the loop by sourcing recycled precious metals and repurposable materials for use in our new jewellery (think vintage pearls and deadstock beads). Our demi-fine jewellery is made with reclaimed sterling silver we’ve sourced in the form of antique teapots and silverware, and our recycled gold comes from the most sustainable source we could think of - you!