Bespoke gemstone guide

Get to know our most beloved engagement gemstones and be ready to make the right choice for your bespoke ring.


The timeless go-to for engagement rings, diamonds are an infalliable choice. With their unmatched sparkle and neutral colour, diamonds are classically gorgeous. Best of all, as the hardest mineral on Earth, diamonds are perfect for a life of wear.

  • Natural diamonds

    Natural diamonds are the longstanding engagement ring favourite. Due to their finite supply, natural diamonds hold their value more than cultured diamonds.

  • Cultured diamonds

    Cultured diamonds are true diamonds, they have simply been lab-grown instead of mined from the Earth. The time and cost of producing cultured diamonds is much more efficient, making them an affordable option.

Alternative gemstones

For an engagement ring with a unique flair, opt for an alternative gemstone.

  • Sapphire

    The sapphire has long been a popular choice for alternative engagement rings. Ranking a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, the sapphire is a strong gemstone that, like diamond, is ideal for a lifetime of wear. While famed for their bold blue hue, sapphires occur in a variety of options including green sapphire, the multi-coloured Parti sapphire, and the cornflour blue tinted Ceylon sapphire. Sapphires are also a much more affordable option than natural diamond.

  • Morganite

    The gleaming morganite is a relatively modern option for engagement ring finery, with the gem only first discovered in 1910. Blushing with pastel tones of pink and peach, this romantic, feminine gemstone makes for a stunning alternative engagement ring.