That recycled diamond shine.

Second hand doesn't mean second best.

So what are recycled diamonds, you ask?

A 'recycled' or 'reclaimed' diamond is an earth-mined diamond that was, once upon a time, worn in a jewellery setting and has since been carefully extracted for a new lease on life. 

Fortunately for the sustainability-minded, diamonds are an incredibly durable stone (they rank as a 10 on the MOHS scale, making it the hardest--wearing mineral), making them the perfect candidates for recycling. 

 A recycled diamond will look brand new with no traces of wear. No one will be able to tell that your diamond is recycled, unless you proudly declare it as such.

How do we source recycled diamonds?

Since 2017, we’ve been sourcing the finest and shiniest vintage jewellery pieces. On our hunt, we occasionally stumble across older or broken pieces of jewellery past the point of restoration. Here, we carefully extract any diamonds and melt the gold for use in the production of our new diamond jewellery

 Once the diamond has had a day of TLC (read: cleaning and restoration), it’s ready to be set in a new piece - whether a new necklace or a custom engagement ring.

Purchasing a diamond with an old soul minimises the demand to mine anew and also reduces the carbon footprint of the diamond itself.

A diamond is still a diamond, but in our opinion recycled diamonds shine a little brighter.