Guide to bespoke ring settings

Get to know our signature bespoke ring settings, a collection of customisable engagement finery with styles to suit the classic, the unique, and every romantic in between.

Solitaire settings

Classic settings for making your dream gemstone a star, the perfect symbol of The One.

  • The June

    A timeless solitaire setting that features four claws and a tapered band, allowing for the most light to filter through the gemstone for unmatched sparkle. The June is ideal for showcasing impressive diamonds and alternative gems, with all attention directed to the stone.

  • The Florence

    A classic six claw solitaire setting with a tapered band. The extra claws provide additional protection to the top and bottom of the gemstone. The Florence will seamlessly fit into any jewellery collection, and match anybody’s style.

  • The Juniper

    A unique claw solitaire setting that features a peppering of six dainty diamonds across a tapered band. A whimsical dream, The Juniper is the perfect setting for standing out.

  • The Celine

    A timeless solitaire four claw setting featuring a tapered half eternity pavé band to dramatically showcase the centre stone. The Celine is a classic setting with eye-catching sparkle, an elegant adornment full of romance.

  • The Juliette

    A solitaire four claw setting with a half eternity diamond band featuring dainty milgrain detailing. Sparkling with an ornate flair, The Juliette is a romantic setting with strong vintage appeal.

  • The Constance

    A four claw solitaire setting featuring a straight band of hammer set diamonds that allow for extra sparkle without hiding the gleam of the ring’s precious metal. The Constance shines with a contemporary look, the perfect match for those with sleek, modern styles.

  • The Isabel

    A timeless bezel solitaire setting with a tapered band, this practical style offers the most protection to the hero stone. With its sleek look, The Isabel charms with a minimal, antique allure.

  • The Mabel

    An eye-catching solitaire half bezel setting that also features six claws and a tapered band. The Mabel balances the extra protection of a bezel setting with the light catching appeal of a claw setting, creating an antique aesthetic without sacrificing on sparkles.

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Three stone settings

Romantic settings that pair dazzling hero stones with dainty side diamonds to symbolise your past, present and future together.

  • The Ada

    A timeless three stone setting with four claws and a tapered band. The Ada's side diamonds enamour with a feminine, vintage aesthetic whilst giving the centre stone a larger appearance.

  • The Esme

     A three stone setting with six claws for extra gemstone protection, and a gleaming tapered band. The Esme is a sparkling heirloom, a timeless setting with romantic appeal.

  • The Beatrice

    A bezel setting featuring three stones on a straight band, for a practical yet transfixing ring. The Beatrice's bezel setting offers both an antique allure and all-round protection of its precious gemstones.

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Halo settings

Timeless settings to swathe your dream gemstone with sparkling diamonds.

  • The Eliza

    A four claw setting with a floating halo of diamonds, a straight band and pointed milgrain detail housing two side diamonds. The Eliza is an ornate adornment with vintage charm and endless sparkle.

  • The Iris

    An elegant floating halo setting with four claws for a dazzling, timeless style. The Iris creates a sparkling illusion of a bigger stone, the ideal setting for showcasing your dream gem.

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Multi-stone settings

Eye-catching settings with unmatched sparkle.

  • The Banks

    A showstopping setting featuring seven claw-set gemstones and a straight band. The Banks is for uninterrupted sparkle, the ultimate in statement engagement finery.

  • The Toi Et Moi

    A two stone claw setting with a straight band to showcase two gemstones with the sleek, minimalistic appeal of a solitaire. The Toi Et Moi, French for 'you and me' is modern and romantic, the perfect symbol of a special two.

  • The Vera

    A romantic claw setting with five gemstones and a tapered band. The side stones of The Vera create a dramatic visual build-up to the centre stone for an eye-catching yet timeless look.

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