Our dreamiest day of the month is almost here!

A heavenly array of new & vintage engagement ring finds land this 
Saturday February 27th in store & online. 

 Think old-world vintage, lilac spinels, the intergalactic magic of salt & pepper diamonds and much more. 

We know we say this every month, but this edit is our best yet. 

 Available to purchase online from Friday evening. 
In the mood for a sneak peek? Us too.  

The Diana Vintage Sapphire & Diamond Ring
This moody sapphire magic is named after the ever iconic Princess Diana. Her engagement ring was also an epic halo style, a deep sapphire, surrounded by twinkly diamonds.   

The design was inspired by Queen Victoria's sapphire-and-diamond brooch, a wedding present from Prince Albert in 1840, which Victoria donned that day as her "something blue".
The Vera Vintage Diamond Ring
This vintage diamond wonder has really stood the test of time. With greater accessibility to diamonds by the 1950s, there were fewer distinct trends dictating the engagement ring market. However, one of the most iconic & enduring shapes of that period is a large centre diamond with symmetrical smaller diamonds (six in this case) on either side.
The Gabrielle Vintage Garnet & Diamond Ring
Georgian refers to the period of English history when King George IIV sat on the throne (1717 - 1840). Due to improvements in candle manufacturing, this century saw a large increase in evening pursuits & social events, welcoming the differentiation between day & evening jewellery. 

Coloured gemstones, like garnets, were a favourite of day jewellery, while diamonds were the only appropriate choice for formal evening events.
The Lulu Solitaire Spinel Ring
Spinels are singly refractive, meaning they evenly refract light outward. This is what makes spinels, like The Lulu, ever so sparkly, much like diamonds. 

Flawless to the naked eye, so much so that Spinels were referred to in Burma as ‘polished by the spirits’.

The Arabella Spinel & Diamond Ring
Vintage detail meets modern mystique with this Art Deco inspired design. 

Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, is best known for its bold geometry & luxurious detail. Hugely popular from the 1920's through to 1940's, Art Deco was a pastiche of many different styles united in their desire to be modern, & expressive.
The Madison Spinel & Diamond Ring
Often confused with other gemstones, including ruby, spinel comes in a vast array of colours from red, to pink, to purple & blue, & all hues in between. Spinel was finally differentiated based on its chemical properties in the 18th century.

The Madison, a shimmery illustration of just how sparkly & vibrant spinels are, an amazing diamond alternative for those lilac lovers. 
The Portia Solitaire Spinel Ring
Spinel can come in nearly every colour of the rainbow, from an intense ruby-like red to deep ashy blue, there’s a spinel for everyone. 

The lack of visible flaws, wide array of colour & intense sparkle make The Portia Ring a kaleidoscope of wonder.
The Ferne Three Stone Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring
A ring featuring three stones, like The Ferne, is known as a trilogy ring. Celebrating past, present & future. A trilogy of wonder lies in the depths of this salt & pepper diamond magic. 

Fingers crossed your future has this delight in store! 

The Hannah Vintage Diamond Ring
At once old fashioned & modern, the bezel setting style is making a strong comeback. 

No need to worry about which jewellery to match, as this unusual two-tone metal setting makes it a flawless compliment to your current stack.
The Ophelia Solitaire Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring
Unlike white diamonds, a salt & pepper diamond isn’t assessed solely on its shine. Their appeal lies in their depth - mysterious, enigmatic, & almost cosmic. 

Evolving the more you look at them & distinctive from every angle, The Ophelia is one to watch. 
Create Your Own Ring
A new edit of salt & pepper diamonds, rose cut sapphires, spinels & morganites have landed to create your own ring at our February Trunk Show! 

Choose your gemstone, your setting & your choice of recycled gold or platinum.